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The team has grown and the seva has grown, so we’ve rebranded to Nirmolak Heera. This seva started in 2010 when there was a lack of keertan online. The idea was simple: allow keertan and gurbani to flow into people's homes no matter where they were in the world so that we all can connect with Guru Sahib. 

There should be no barriers for access to keertan and Guru Sahib. Whether it’s the Mother with young children who can’t travel too far, or the Gursikh on a night shift, or students with no lift or even MataJi and PitaJi who now find it hard to leave home – everyone should be able to access keertan. 

So connect with us to enjoy keertan through live broadcasts, video and MP3 recordings, cassette conversions and VHS conversions.

If there is a local programme in your area that you would like to broadcast on here: get in touch and we’ll give you access to broadcast on this channel so that we collectively can share keertan from all across the globe into everyone's homes.


The Importance of Sangat
Bhai Lehna Ji and Guru Nanak Dev Ji
27-04-2023   By  Nirmolak Heera
The Importance of Sangat
History of the Nagar Keertan
20-04-2023   By  Nirmolak Heera
The Importance of Sangat
Animal Colouring Sheets
05-03-2023   By  Nirmolak Heera